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Descendants of John Starnes
Generation No. 1
1.  JOHN1 STARNES was born 1824 in SC, and died July 07, 1866 in 
Chattanooga,Tn.  He married LOUIZA JANE HUDSON July 12, 1848 in Yal Co, 
                        Notes for JOHN STARNES:
	This was written in a family bible; " John Starnes died an
     untimely death, by receiving a wound, in the war between the 
     combined states of America, and the so called Confederate States   
     States of America."  This is thought to have been wrote by his wife, 
     Louiza Jane Hudson Starnes.

Burial: Unknown
Military: Civil War
Burial: Unknown
2.	i.	JAMES WILLIAM2 STARNES, b. February 01, 1850, Yal Co, Ms.
	ii.	JEFFERSON BOYD STARNES, b. October 02, 1853.
	iii.	SARAH TABTHAN STARNES, b. July 1856.
	iv.	EMILY JANE STARNES, b. February 27, 1859, Monroe Co., AR; 
                d. August 18, 1908, Calhoun Co, MS; m. (1) MILTON RIDDLE, 
                December 14, 1876, Calhoun Co. MS; m. (2) HENRY MILTON 
                EASLEY, December 20, 1877, Calhoun Co, MS.
                Notes for EMILY JANE STARNES:
Mt. Herman Primitive Baptist Church was organized by John M. Easley
and his family.  They belonged to the New Liberty Baptist Church during 
and after the Civil War.  When the Church decided to abolish their practice 
of the washing of the feet as a part of communion service, the Easleys and 
a few others felt that they could no longer keep their memberships there.  
Led by the head of the family, the Easleys withdrew their letters, along 
with four others and formed the Mt. Herman Primitive Baptist Church.
On April 17, 1880, the following people presented letters and constituted 
a new church in the New Liberty community:
John Mayberry Easley and Mary Ann Francis (Watkins) Easley (his wife)
Newton Thomas Easley (son of John & Mary Easley)
Henry Milton Easley (son of J.M. & M.A.) & WIfe, Emily Jane (Starnes) 
Easley John A. Easley (son of J.M. & M.A.) & his wife, Martha E. Gates
Elizabeth Ellis (widow of Hardin Riddle & John Ellis & sister of J.M. 
Easley)Sarah Francis Stokes (niece of J.M. Easley)Joshua Jinnings
W.C. Mitchell & wife, Sarah Mitchell Prudence Hollis (wife of Thomas 
Hollis & daughter of John &  Susanna(Harrelson) Armstrong)
They were not called "Primitive Baptist" then, in the formation of 
this church nor were they referred to as that until sometime in October 
1918, in the church minutes.  A part of the constitution read (this is 
an exact copy):  "This is to certify that we the unders signed  
undersigned Presbetary have this day examined the above named persons 
on there faith and order and finding them orthadox and ordily have 
constituted them into a church in gospil order to be known by the name 
of Mt. Herman and they are hereby authorised to keep up the gosple 
desiplen and discharge all the dutied incumbent on a  Church of Jesus 
Christ." On the day of organization it was referred to aas 
"The Church of Christ called Mt. Herman"; thereafter, it was referred 
to as either "The Baptist Church at Mt. Herman" or simply 
"The Church at Mt. Herman."  No one seems to know anything about the 
original church building, but the land that it and the cementery were 
on had belonged to the Hawkins family.  When the church moved to its 
present structure, a small cementery containing some of its charter 
members was left behind and a new one started.
NOTE:  This was taken from an article "Mt Herman Primitive Baptist 
Organized 100 Years Ago" by Bobbie Hamilton O'Brien that appeared in the 
Moniter Herald Aug. 21, 1980.
                More About EMILY JANE STARNES:
                Burial: Duncan Hill Cem., Calhoun Co., MS
	v.	JOHN M. STARNES, b. November 08, 1862, Monroe Co., AR; 
                d. December 06, 1863, Monroe Co., AR.
Generation No. 2
2.  JAMES WILLIAM2 STARNES (JOHN1) was born February 01, 1850 in 
Yal Co, Ms.  He married SUSAN EMILY BLACK February 26, 1871 in Yal Co, 
Ms, daughter of JOHN BLACK and ELIZA HEAD.
Burial: Tabernacle Cemt.,Yal.Co.,Ms
Fact 4: Maybe buried there in unmarked graves.
Burial: Tabernacle Cemt.,Yal.Co.,Ms
Fact 4: Maybe buried there in unmarked graves.
Children of JAMES STARNES and SUSAN BLACK are:
	i.	ADA3 STARNES, b. December 15, 1875, Calhoun Co, Ms; 
                d. September 17, 1956, Calhoun Co, Ms; m. JOHN H. 
                ISOM BLACK, December 17, 1899, Yal Co, Ms.
                    Notes for ADA STARNES:
	According to her grandson, John Layfayette Horn, Ada was
     the tightest woman he ever knew.  Once she sent her husband
     Isom, to town to buy some things, and when he returned with
     some extra things, ( he had a few cents left over, so he bought
     himself some nails.) she threw a fit until he went back to town
     and returned them.
                More About ADA STARNES:
                Burial: Turkey Creek , Cal Co, Ms
                More About JOHN H. ISOM BLACK:
                Burial: Turkey Creek , Cal Co, Ms
                Occupation: Farmer
	ii.	VIRGINIA STARNES, b. 1873; d. July 26, 1952, Calhoun Co, 
                Ms; m. LEROY STEWART.
                More About VIRGINIA STARNES:
                Burial: Turkey Creek , Cal Co, Ms
	iii.	MARY STARNES, b. 1876.
	iv.	JAMES STARNES, b. 1877; d. 1878.
	v.	LEON STARNES, b. 1879; d. 1880.
	vi.	ALANSIA STARNES, b. 1884.
	vii.	MAZURY STARNES, b. 1885.
	viii.	LOMELLER STARNES, b. 1879; d. 1880.


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